Vehicle depollution is the newly developed treatment process that all end-of-life vehicles must undertake if they are to achieve the required levels of materials recycling and recovery stipulated by the ELV (End-of-life) Directive.

End-of-life vehicles contain many chemicals that can be harmful to our environment, either as a source of pollution or as contributants to the build up of ‘greenhouse’ gases within the Earth’s atmosphere.

At Pout & Foster we’re carefully removing these harmful chemicals and disposing of them and recovering all positive components and fluids that may be recycled and re-used, inline with the governments’ instructions and guidelines.

We are all doing our bit by recycling part of our household waste, but depolluting a car takes expert knowledge and specialist equipment. You can help by contacting us whenever you have a vehicle to dispose of. It is your responsibility to arrange the correct depollution, by law.